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The Cohesive Transitional Care Advantage

On October 11, 2017, the Carnegie Tri-County Municipal Hospital was scheduled to close.  Cohesive Healthcare Management and Consulting came to the community at the 23rd hour and entered into an agreement with the Board to keep the hospital open and operate the hospital under a management agreement.  Cohesive hired all of the employees and kept the hospital open and preserved many jobs.
  • CTCMH financially had been losing money for several years. In August 2018, CTCMH posted a net profit after years of negative financial performances.
  • CTCMH had under gone numerous state surveys and this was in part a reason the hospital was about to close. Following nearly two years of failure to remedy state survey deficiencies, Cohesive staff along with the CTCMH staff was able to clear all state survey deficiencies in July 2018.
  • CTCMH is now fully cleared by the State Health Department.
  • In the previous year prior to Cohesive starting management, the ADC was 1.2. Over the past two months the ADC was 8.2. Cohesive was able to bring in resources and marketing staff to increase census and enable the hospital to build a financially strong foundation.
  • CTCMH with Cohesive has been able to start new services such as Senior Strong and Patent satisfaction has increased to 96% in the latest reported data.
Overall, CTCMH would not be open today if Cohesive had not come in and invested resources and financial support to the hospital and community, Community leaders have said that they are grateful to cohesive for keeping the hospital open. CTCMH has many patient testimonials that thank Cohesive for coming to Carnegie and supporting the community and making the hospital a great hospital for patient care. Tom Hinton, CEO